An Earthquake in Jeffersonville?


By VGR (Voice of God Recordings-Jeffersonville)

The earthquake was actually centered in eastern Illinois, but the earth was definitely quaking in Jeffersonville.

About 5:37 AM this morning, a magnitude 5.2 earthquake shook most of Illinois and Indiana. The epicenter was located near West Salem Illinois, about 120 miles west of Jeffersonville. There was no damage reported in Jeffersonville, but just about everyone’s alarm went off a little earlier than usual. One brother described the tremor:

“I woke up to my bed shaking and windows rattling. I thought there was a tornado. I ran upstairs, woke up my kids, and told them to get to the basement. Just before I went to the basement, I opened the door and looked outside. The air was perfectly still. I looked at the clock and it said 5:37. I thought, “Well, Brother Branham said between six and nine.” I started praying and wondering if this was the day. With the pope in the United States, this can’t be a coincidence.”

Brother Branham said,

“God, we say, "Send Jesus quickly. Come, Lord Jesus." And now we see nature, the very sign like the star that led the wise men to Bethlehem, on the move again. Jesus said there'd be perplexity of time, distress between the nations, signs in the heaven and earth, sea a-roaring, great storms and tidal waves and earthquakes in divers places. These things are just… They are buzzers that sets our hearts alarm, Lord, that we know to be ready. We don't know what minute or hour He might appear.”

Be careful!